Saturday, October 8, 2011

Portraits made easy - Houston

Portraits are not the easiest subject to choose.
But I do have an accurate fool proof method of creating a portrait using layers.
You will use one of my patterns for the class, but for discussion I would like you to bring a photo of the portrait you would like to create at a future date.

I've put up a photo of the image half finished.... 
Well, I guess it shows you the stages, specially for the texture in the hair.


4 fat quarters of fabric graduating tone. Dark, Semi dark, medium, light.
They can be the same color and small print, wild or plain. 
1 Fat quarter fabric for garment.
3 fat quarters of fabric for hair. Dark, medium. light.
½ yard fabric for the background.
One   .05 black pigment ink pen.
4 sheets of velum tracing paper  16” X 12” approximately.
2 yards of steam a seam lite (single) fusible web.
Mechanical pencil
Medium size cutting mat